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Why Am I Afraid of Making Decisions?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Today I was helping a client who was stuck trying to decide between 4 really good paths he could take in his life. But he was paralyzed and couldn't figure out why. So I asked him, "What is keeping you from making a decision?" He took a long time to answer, but eventually came .... FEAR. "Fear of what," I asked? He answered that he was afraid of making a decision and thinking something will go wrong. No wonder he is stuck! That thought took him to a place of feeling discouraged. And being discouraged made him unable to move in his life and take action. As we discussed more, we learned that he had witnessed in his life, divorce, and had watched his siblings make poor decisions. So somewhere in all of that he had a thought, which he had fed for many years, and which became a belief that "nothing ever turns out good." So that belief caused him to stay in indecision. When he had that thought, then he looked around himself and found lots of evidence in his life and the lives of others to confirm that "nothing ever turns out good". That was until I started to question that belief. We explored how that could be wrong. And when he realized that his belief was wrong and that there were plenty of things in his life that proved that some things HAD turned out good, he was amazed! We talked about things in his life or others lives that showed that things can and do go right. He listed a whole list of situations where peoples lives have gone right. And what is really "right" anyway? And suddenly his mind was blown! Nothing changed except his thought, but it changed his feelings, actions, and results. In the end, he found a thought he could believe. "I can be open to believing that I can make good decisions and that life will be good." That thought made him feel calm and hopeful and suddenly he found himself moving and excited about the decisions he was making. Sometimes understanding where are beliefs come from and learning why we feel a certain way, can help us discover our thoughts, change them, and create the lives we want. If you are having a hard time making a decision or need some help in your life, contact me at and schedule a free no obligation mini-session. We can talk and help you through it. So fear of decisions? Not anymore!

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