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What You Truly Want is What You Will Truly Get

Are there things in your life that you truly want? Could you list 25 things in your life that you really, truly, want with all of your heart? They could be big dreams, crazy idea's, hidden things you've told no one, and hopes for your future. What would those be?

How could you realize those dreams? Is it even possible? Of course it is! You have to believe in something before you ever do it, because those beliefs and thoughts will drive the actions you take to accomplish those things. But you also need to take a look at your priorities and what is the most important thing to you. Could you list what are your top 5 priorities in life?

The reason why we want anything in life is because of how we believe it will make us feel. So with those dreams, when you achieve them, how do you think you will feel? That is really what you are after. So think about it, maybe you have a dream to be a CEO of a company. First of all I would ask yourself why you want that goal? Then ask yourself how you would feel? And last of all would that dream be in alignment with your top priorities in your life? Maybe you answered that the reason you want this is because you think you will feel successful. But is success a one-time feeling? Maybe your thoughts drive you to believe that you have to be a CEO to be successful. But is that true? And maybe your 1st priority in life is to be a good father someday, would being a CEO create that? All of these are questions you can ask yourself as you look to your dreams.

Another dream many of us have is to get married. We think that when we get married, then we will be content, feel loved, have success in the dating world, and will generally be happy. And marriage can create that, if our thoughts are geared that way. But I think many people think that marriage is the answer to all their problems and when they achieve that, then life is easy. So are you looking to marriage to create a feeling of happiness? But is marriage what creates happiness or is it our thoughts that create our happiness? Is it possible to be happy and not be married? It really just comes down to our thoughts.

When I got married, I thought that my new husband would create the happiness that I so wanted. And I loved him and did want to marry him, because of the thoughts I created around him. But soon after the wedding hoopla was over, I realized that no one can MAKE me happy. I still had times I was unhappy. But I was married, wasn't that supposed to solve all my problems? I learned quickly that I create the thoughts, that create feelings of happiness. My husband can't do that. But he was important enough to me that I made him a huge priority in my life, and I created loving thoughts about him that help me to love him and our life together. I create it!!! Isn't that interesting?

So take a look at your dreams and your priorities and know that you can create whatever you want in your life, by choosing to think thoughts that will drive you there. You are the creator of your life. No one else can do that for you!

If you want more information on how you can create the dreams and the results you want in your life, contact me at and click a free mini-session. I will help you understand how you can do this with no strings attached.

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