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What do you really, really want?

Do you ever think about what you really truly want? Do you have dreams and wonder how to reach them? Do you have desires but your fears hold you back? We all do! But do you know why we have big dreams and hopes? It's because of how we think it will make us feel. Really? Sounds interesting? Keep reading....

Think about why or why not do you want to get married and how it will make you feel? What about graduating... how will you feel? A great career.... how will you feel? That dream car.... feel? And on and on. It's because you want to feel something.

It's winter here in Utah, and I've been dreaming of going on a tropical vacation. Somewhere warm, sunny, beaches, water, tan, and stress free. But when I ask myself why? You know what my thoughts are? Because I want to rest, feel calm, and at peace. I want less stress and more sun. So I can go on this trip if I want to feel all those things, or is it possible that I could find a way to be stress free and calm right here right now? How would I do that? I would have to think thoughts that would create calm and less stress.

What about marriage? I know for me, I wanted to get married because I wanted true connection with someone and I really wanted to feel love. Not to mention that when I got married I thought I would feel complete, whole, like my life was going to be forever happy and that I would always know someone loved me. Those are all feelings I was after. And it was one of my dreams in life. But is it possible to get married and not have these feelings? Maybe after all the hoopla settles down and you settle into married life? Of course, that's why there is divorce. I know of several young couples who got married and then divorced shortly thereafter. Why does this happen? Because we think that marriage in and of itself just "creates" love, happiness, connectedness etc. But can marriage really do that? Or is more about what is in our heads and our thinking? What if we went into marriage knowing that we create how we want to feel by how we think. If we think loving thoughts about our new spouse, those loving thoughts, will create loving feelings towards them. When we have loving feelings, then we do loving things, and so the result is love in our marriage. But that is created by us! Not by this thing we call "marriage". And the opposite is true. If we are worried about how they squeeze the toothpaste, how they bug us when they slurp their food, or how we don't like how they dress, those thoughts will create negative feelings which will create negative actions and we will have less than happy marriages. Are you with me?

So how do we get what we want? We have to think thoughts that will drive the emotion that we are looking for. And the first step is just recognizing that we create what we want. It doesn't just come from the sky. It comes from intentionally thinking thoughts that create what it is we want. Now this takes practice, but it is possible!

So think about what you truly want, and then become aware of your thinking around those hopes and dreams. You have to think thoughts that create the emotion you are looking for. Because when you can drive your dreams from confidence or passion then you will have confident and passionate actions and you will create what you want in your life. It's really up to you.

If you are trying to figure out what you want in your life, or what feelings are driving your dreams, contact me at and sign up for a free no obligation mini session with me. It might be the best 30 minutes you've spent in a long time! What if it changes everything? So what are you waiting for?

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