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What Are Your Thoughts About the Future?

So think about where you are right now... at this very moment. What are you doing? Where are you at? How do you feel?

All of us have tens of thousands of thoughts every day. Some are productive and some aren't. We have current thoughts of things we are doing every day. And then we have thoughts about the past and the future. We know the past is over and done, but oftentimes we like to spend time there, thinking about all the things we should have done, or what we wished we would have been. But thinking about the future is when you turn your thoughts to the future. When you think of the future, how do you feel? Are you excited? Are you in fear? Do you feel empowered, or depressed? All of us have probably felt all of these emotions as we look to the future. But why do we at certain times feel fear and other times excitement? It is because of our thinking. What? It's not the circumstances we are in? Nope! It's how we choose to look at our circumstances. When we think, "I don't even know where to start" when it comes to the future, that can make us feel confused or overwhelmed. And when we feel confused and overwhelmed, it is difficult to make a decision. We spin around trying to figure out the "right" way to go. Imagine yourself approaching a stoplight. We have to make a decision and that decision will determine if we wait at a stoplight or go through it. We all know that when we approach the stoplight and it turns yellow we have to make a decision or we don't move forward. Worrying and fearing the future stops us at the red light for a long time.

So what if we had a different thought about the future? What if we had thoughts life, "This is going to be fun!" or "There are no wrong decisions" or "Every decision I have made has gotten me to where I am". If we had those kind of thoughts, we could have a different feeling such as excitement, empowerment, and confidence. And would we make better decisions coming from confidence, than from fear? Interesting thought huh?

So as you look to your future and all the decisions you are making, pay close attention to the thoughts that you are thinking and the feelings you are having. If you are feeling worried, then that is coming from a thought that makes you feel worried, and if you are feeling confident, you will think confident thoughts. Of course it is up to you! Completely! Because you are the driver of your car! You get to decide how you will think and how you will feel. Which will then drive your actions and your results. So decide today how you will think about your future! It's all in the power of your thoughts! If you are interested in learning more about the power of your thoughts and how they drive your future, contact me at and you can schedule a free no obligation mini-session with me where I can teach you more. It might be the difference in where you decide to go in your future! The future is bright!!

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