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Thoughts can have a huge impact on our lives

Have you ever heard of the Great Continental Divide? It is a great river division in the American Continent that determines where water will flow... to the Pacific Ocean or to the Atlantic Ocean. The river starts as one river above Alaska, but when it hits Montana there is a great divide and the water will either go to the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Arctic Ocean. If you were to throw a stick in the river in Alaska it wouldn't matter what side of the river it was on, but when it divides, where the stick follows a certain current, it will essentially take it to opposite sides of America.

That can be how are thoughts are. There can be a great divide between 2 different thoughts, and sometimes that can determine where our life results will be. It's that powerful. So I want to take a look at several competing thoughts that will have dramatic differences in how life goes for us. Depending on which thought you choose will determine today, tomorrow and where you end up:

"God is real" vs. "God is not."

"College is an amazing opportunity" vs. "college is stupid and a waste of my time."

"Money is easy to earn" vs. "money is hard and stressful."

"I am here to make myself happy" vs. "I am here to help others."

"What people think directs my life" vs. "I direct my life and don't worry about other people's opinions."

"I am in charge of my life" vs. "I am the victim of others."

"I am a human with limitless potential" vs. "I will never be good enough."

"I am afraid of failure" vs. "failure is one of the greatest ways to learn and find success."

"Room mates are a great opportunity to learn to get along with different people" vs.

"roommates are ruining my life and making me crazy."

"I want to live a moral clean life" vs. "I can do whatever I want and it doesn't matter."

"Life is exciting" vs. "life is scary!"

"I am an amazing human with limitless capacity" or "I'm never going to be good enough."

It's all in how we choose to look at things. Can you see how much different your life will be if you believe in God versus if you don't? It will change how you feel, which will change the actions you take in your life, and will ultimately affect the results of your life. It is that powerful.

Imagine how different your college experience will be if you believe it is an opportunity versus a waste of time and money. You will feel differently depending on what you choose which will determine the actions you take in college and may change the results of your college experience.

There is one very important piece of this and that is...... it's your choice. Do you believe that? You determine what course you'll take, what thought's you have, how you feel, and how you show up in the world. So if you want to end up in the Pacific Ocean you will need to choose one way, and if it's the Atlantic, or the Gulf Coast, or the Arctic Ocean, those will be different thoughts. And personally for me I'm hoping to end up in the Gulf of Mexico in the Cayman Islands... Those would be tropical thoughts.... Just sayin....

So when you are looking at how you want to look at life, how you choose to think will determine where you end up and what you want your results to be. It's all within your power and reach. Be really aware of your thinking as you become an adult. Weigh out thoughts and directions you want to go and then determine where those thoughts might lead you. It can make all the difference in your life. If you are looking to find thoughts that will drive you to the life you want, then come talk to me! I would love to help you with no strings attached. Let's find your river and jump in it!I Go to: and sign up for a free mini session with me. It could be the difference in which ocean you land at :)

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