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The power of the mind is incredible!

Have you ever thought about the super computer that is in your head? Yes I'm talking about your brain. It is more powerful that any computer in the world. And as of today, no one has been able to touch it's capabilities... although they are sure trying to!

So I want you to do an exercise with me in regards to your brain:

Think of a beautiful tropical island with crystal blue water and palm trees. How do you feel and what emotions does picturing that create?

Now think of a blanket of fresh powdery snow falling and the world is still and quiet. How do you feel now?

Think of someone you don't like. What emotions are associated with that?

Think of some tragedy you have seen recently in your community, family, or in the news. What are your feelings when you think about it?

Think of your favorite food. In thinking about it can you smell it? Can you taste it? How does it make you feel when you eat that favorite food?

Isn't it amazing how your brain can picture all of this when you tell it to? Think of how amazing it is that you feel something almost instantaneously when you think and visualize those images. Isn't that incredible?

That is the power of the mind. Do you see how much control you have over your thoughts? I changed the subject every few seconds, but your brain followed me. We went from a tropical island to a tragedy in a matter of a few seconds and your emotions were different with every visual I asked you to think about.

Scientists say that our brains have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. How much control do you have over those thoughts? How much control do you have over how you feel? How much control do you have over the actions you take? WE HAVE 100% OF THE CONTROL! Do you believe that? Oftentimes we let our brains run wild with thoughts. But the moment we take control and stop the chatter and then choose to focus, we have found that we have power.

Now we can't control other people, how they think, act, show up, respond, but we do have control over ourselves. And you know what that is called? Emotional Adulthood. Emotional Resilience. Emotional Responsibility. We are 100% responsible for how we think, feel, act, and the results we have in our lives. Now this might be a hard concept for you to understand, but I know that it's true.

So when I was your age I thought that everyone else controlled how I thought, felt, and acted. Other people were the reason why I was unhappy. My professors were too hard and required too much of me! I thought the only way to be happy was to have a man on my arm. I believed that if my roommates were great, then life was good. But if I got a "bad" roommate then the semester was terrible. I had absolutely no awareness that I was the cause of all of it by the way that I thought. And it is miserable when you give your life and your power to someone else. I could have chosen to think different about those things and been so much happier as a young adult!! But when we know better we do better!

If you want to feel really powerful, take back the control, and be responsible for everything in your life, come talk to me! Go to and sign up for a mini session with me. We can talk about how you can take back the reigns of your life and find your own happiness. I learned and changed my life by recognizing this, and I know you can change yours! It's totally possible! So what are you waiting for?

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