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One New Thought Can Change Your Life

Today I learned that changing one thought or belief you have can change your life! Really? Yes! It's true. So many of our beliefs drive everything in our lives. I can look back and see how certain beliefs have shaped who I have become. Some of these beliefs are positive, and some are negative. So what if you could change a negative belief about yourself to a positive belief? It would change your life.

I generated a group of thoughts when I was young, that turned into a belief about myself that very much hindered my growing up years. And by the way, I'm still trying to grow up! I had thoughts that I wasn't good enough, and then those thoughts turned into the belief that I wasn't good enough. I can see now that those thoughts were false, but at the time I couldn't. How did this affect my life? Let me count the ways.... I had a hard time feeling good enough with friend groups, with boys and boyfriends, with talents - never good enough at singing which kept me from so many opportunities! I didn't feel I was "good enough" to go out for the basketball team, even though I really wanted to. It affected who I dated, who I hung out with, where to go to college, if I was good enough to get married, if I was good enough to graduate etc. When I started college, my brain and beliefs told me that I wasn't good enough or smart enough to finish. When I got married, I told my husband I was going to quit school. Why? Not smart enough. But through some pushing and building up from my husband, he convinced me I was smart enough to finish, and I did. But throughout my entire life I have had this belief and it has kept me from doing so many things that I wanted to do. All because I believed I wasn't good enough.

So what is the thoughts or beliefs you have that drive your life? Are they positive and motivating? Or do they keep you from reaching your dreams? I would tell you that by changing that one thought or belief, you could change your whole life. Maybe you have a thought that you are not good at technology. That probably keeps you from learning and doing things that could help you in your life or career. Well what if you changed that thought to "I can learn any technology out there with time", you give yourself permission to learn and keep trying instead of stunting your growth by saying you can't. It might change everything for you! It's possible you know! So look at your thoughts and beliefs and determine which ones are serving you in your life, and which ones are not. And then find a new thought to replace it.

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