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My identity -- and who I am

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "who am I"? I think probably all of us have. And what would be typical answer? I'm a basketball player, a dancer, a daughter, a son, a football player, a singer, pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, rich, poor, etc. Do you see how we define our identity by what we do, or how we look, or how much money we have? Is that really our identity?

Our identity is made up of lots of things:

*Our environment - our family structure, birth order, siblings, family

*Our background - where we were born, how we were raised, extended family

*Our body - it's size, shape, height, weight, hair color, what size

*Our talents - what we can do, what talents we have, what we are good at

*Our beliefs - religion, morals, standards, how we view life

*Our past and future - what has happened in our past, what are dreams are for the future.

All of these things are thoughts about our lives and how we perceive things. And when we think thoughts over and over and over again, they become our beliefs. And our beliefs and thoughts drive our feelings, our actions, and determine the results we have in our lives.

So we have lots of thoughts about ourselves. And we love to identify ourselves from external sources. We often find our worth from someone else, from something we do well, from our bodies, experiences, the past and on and on. But is that really who we are, or is this something we do?

So who are we? What if we could look deep into ourselves. What if we could find internal qualities about ourselves that have nothing to do with what we do? Then what if we could form thoughts and opinion of ourselves based upon these thoughts?

So one day I tried this. I made a list of all the internal qualities I could see in myself. I titled it, "Why I Love Me and Who I Am". At first it was really difficult. I had always defined myself from what I could do. So I had to look hard and deep. But I started to find things that were all internal. I'm organized, I love to learn, I am dependable, I am supportive, and am genuine, I love nature, I am sensitive to others feelings.... I came up with a whole page. These were things I found that no one told me, but that I recognized in myself. It felt really good to define myself that way, versus what other people think or what I do. And then at the end of the page I wrote:

"What if I am a powerful being?" and "What if my capacity is unlimited?"

So I am learning to define myself in a whole new way. And I feel so much better defining my identity from who I am instead of all the external things that tell me who I am. It was so refreshing, and liberating, and fun! I want you to try this activity. It might just blow your mind! And then, start learning to think thoughts that help you love yourself and who you are! It takes practice, but it's really can change your life! Join me! If you want help learning to see the good in yourself, reach out for a free mini session. Go to my website and click mini session. Let's chat just you and me! It might change everything about the way you look at yourself!

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