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I'm stuck in indecision

Have you ever found yourself stuck? Feeling like you can't move forward? Afraid of all the decisions ahead, or you can't seem to make a decision? So you don't do anything at all. You watch Netflix all night and somehow push the decision off to another day. I've been there. Sometimes it's easier to stay stuck in indecision, than to move forward with a decision. But why do we do that? Part of our brain's function is to keep us safe. So whenever there is change or a decision to be made, our brain tells us, "it's too hard", or "we don't know what to do", or "there's too many decisions to make". And what those thoughts do is keep us safe, back in indecision, stuck and not moving forward at all. I remember being in college and I couldn't decide on what to study. I tried to take some classes, but nothing really interested me that much. So I went home and said that maybe I would take some time off of college or quit altogether until I could make a decision. What was the problem with that? I was using the excuse of being afraid to make a decision, so by quitting, I spared myself from having to feel uncomfortable with a decision. Oftentimes you will find yourself, when a decision needs to be made, that we don't do anything. It keeps us safe, but it also keeps us stuck.

So how do we get unstuck? First of all you have to look at your brain and the thoughts it's telling you. Maybe the thought is, "I don't know what to study?" That thought makes you feel confused, and when you are confused you don't generally make decisions or move forward. So if you're tired of confusion, you have to find a different thought to tell your brain to believe, which will change the way you feel. Have you ever thought that maybe it's okay if you don't know what to study right now? Maybe you don't need to know that yet. Maybe if you just changed your thought to, "I don't have to know everything right now," then your feelings would change to maybe calm or peace. And we can figure things out better when we operate out of peace, than out of confusion! So question your questions and realize that you don't have to have all the answers right now. Just take baby steps until you do figure it out, from a place of peace. Baby steps might be baby steps, but they take you out of stuck and into moving! One foot in front of the other! If you're feeling stuck and needing some help, just go to my website and sign up for a free mini session and you can talk to me with no strings attached. You got this!

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