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I'm Not Sure What I Believe

Have you ever found yourself questioning your life, your beliefs, even your religion? Well you are not alone. I don't know anyone who hasn't at one time or another. Because we have thousands upon thousands of thoughts every day, many thoughts run through our minds about what we believe and who we are. But where do our beliefs come from? Well, every belief that we have comes from thoughts that have run over and over in our minds for a long time. Then we pay attention to how those things make us feel, and gather evidence about our thoughts, and in the end we have a belief. Beliefs are shaped from thoughts from our background, how we grew up, what we have been taught, and experiences we have had in our lives that shape us. Are you with me?

So for me, I was raised in a religious family who belonged to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where I was taught about Jesus Christ and God from a very young age. My family background was religious, we grew up attending church every week, we studied scriptures, and we prayed. I had many positive experiences growing up that shaped my thoughts, and over time those thoughts became my beliefs. There have been many times when I have questioned those beliefs. What is true and what is not? But over the years as I had thoughts about God, for instance, and then I paid attention to how those thoughts made me feel (good and at peace), then those feelings drove what I did in my life and the result is I am a very religious person and believe in God. I know many people who don't believe in God. They have a thought that he doesn't exist. I'm not sure how that makes them feel, but from their feelings, they probably gather evidence around them that God doesn't exist, and their actions in their lives reflect that belief and then they have their results. Because I have always had that belief in God, I am not sure what non-God believers feel or how they reflect those beliefs in their actions or results in their lives. But for me, I have paid attention to the feelings that I have, which are driven from thoughts of believing in God, and for me I feel good that way and I try to conduct my life in a way that is reflective of that belief. For everyone, this is a choice, and we can choose to believe how we want, but always remember that whatever our thoughts are, it will create a certain feeling. And so whatever feeling you are trying to generate, that will come from those thoughts and beliefs. We can choose to believe, or not to believe. But whichever thought we feed we will get results. So pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, how they drive your actions, and ultimately the results you have in your life. For me I choose beliefs that make me feel good. What will your choice be? If you are struggling to figure out what you believe, go to and sign up for a free mini session with me. We can talk about it with no obligation to buy a thing. It's just because I love you as a young adult and I want to help! Reach out!

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