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How to solve any problem.... this is what I teach.

All humans encounter problems, struggles, and adversity. It's just part of being human and having a human experience. None of us are going to get out of life without some sort of problem, and maybe the key is learning how to change things so they don't become huge problems in our life. With every experience, we take the knowledge we do have, and then try to solve problems based upon that knowledge.

But what if I told you that I have a formula that can help you identify and solve any problem? Would you be interested? I didn't used to think that was possible until I learned a formula in Life Coach School called, "The Model." Let me explain:

All of us have facts about our life. We are a certain age, we have a certain hair color, we have 2 legs, we might be a student, a parent, etc. The facts for me are: I am married, I have 5 children, I am a life coach, I live in Utah. In each of these facts there is no drama, no problem, no emotion. They are just facts. So it's only when we have a thought about these facts where problems start. So let's look at an example:

Let's take a fact about me that I Iive in Utah, USA. There is no problem, emotion, or drama about that until I have a thought about it. What if my thought about Utah was: "This place is too cold and has too much snow in the winter." Now Utah isn't the problem, it's my thought that makes it a problem. I could also have the thought: "I love Utah, it is such a beautiful state." And boom -- no problem. So our thoughts are always the culprit when we have a problem.

Let's take an example for you young adults. Maybe the fact is: You have $100 dollars in your bank account. Now that is just a fact. Some young adults might have the thought: "That's not enough money and I don't know what to do." Now that thought creates an immediate problem for you. It's not the money that is the problem, but the thought about the money. What kind of feelings do you have when you think that thought? Maybe stress, panic, overwhelm? Which results in you stewing about it, worrying about it, not buying groceries, wondering how you will survive and the result is that don't have enough money and don't know what to do. Now how could we solve this problem? First I would ask: how do you want to feel about the $100 in your bank account? Here's where you have the opportunity to solve the problem and change things. So let's go back to the fact: You have $100 in your account. Let's find a thought that creates calm instead of stress. Maybe a thought like, "I have $100 and it's okay, I'll figure out how to make it work." What does that thought create for you? Does it make you feel calmer, more in control, more peaceful about it? And do you see by thinking that thought you don't create a problem? So when you feel calm, you make a plan for that money, or figure out how to make that last and the result is, you figure out how to work with $100 and feel calm while doing it. Do you see what we did there? We changed the thinking from:

"That's not enough money and I don't know what to do."


"I have $100 and it's okay I'll figure out how to make it work".

Changing thoughts took us from stress to calm. And it only took about 1 minute.

So learning this formula which is that you have a fact, you have a thought about that fact, that thought creates a feeling, the feeling creates the action, and the actions create the results. Now that might seem overwhelming, but the more you practice and look at it, the more you realize that you can solve any problem with this fool-proof formula. And when you do it is life-changing!

If you are struggling with problems in your life and want to find a way to feel better, go to my website at and hit "free mini session" and we can talk about it for free with absolutely no obligation. And then you can say, "problem solved". You'll be so glad you did!

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