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How To Get Stuff Done

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and feel like your to-do list gets bigger and bigger? I do! It seems like every time I cross off one task I completed, then another task gets added to the list. Or maybe you don't have a written to-do list, but it's all in your head. Anyone ever get a headache from all of it?

Well for me, I always have a to-do list and it seems like some of those items stay on that list for months because I don't really want to do them, so if I keep them on the list, and keep putting things ahead of it, then at least it's on my list right? Well, how is anything supposed to get done with that thinking? As I learned how to calendar things better, I got rid of my to-do list, which was hard because I have done it for so long! I learned a principle from Brooke Castillo called "Monday Power Hour." Now before you roll your eyes, let me explain. On Monday, I designate 1 hour for planning for that week. My thought is, "In Power Hour I will schedule my whole week to stay organized." And it makes me feel excited and empowered. So Monday morning I look at my week. First I put down all of the appointments and things that are scheduled. Then I take time to schedule in my time, free, etc. So I always schedule in my exercise, scripture reading, time to shower and get ready for the day, time to clean the house, time to do laundry etc. That might sound tedious, but stay with me. Then I schedule my work and coaching after I have my personal time scheduled. And finally, I schedule those "To-Do" things in my calendar. So for instance, If one of my to-do items is "weed the garden", an item I don't really want to do, then I schedule in some time to do that. And I throw away the to-do list. So Thursday at 8:00 a.m. I have on my calendar to weed the garden for an hour. Now that I have that scheduled, I don't have any excuses and if I'm being true to myself, then I weed the garden even if I don't want to. It brings me self-confidence, when I do what I say I will do. I can trust myself. And guess what happens? Because it's in my schedule it gets done! It really does!

Now I know what you're thinking.... that's too rigid, it doesn't give me any freedom. And I totally get it! I felt the same way at first. But over time I have found I get more done, schedule in those important things for me, like being with my husband and my family, and I am so much more intentional with my life. Instead of my schedule running me, I run my schedule. There are some times when things just don't go as planned, or my kids need something right then. And so I will deviate some. But the more I do this, and if I schedule plenty of time for my highest priorities (husband, family, service) then I have enough time for the other things. It really has changed my life, and I know it can change yours!

If you have any questions about learning to manage your time better, please go to and click on a button for a free mini-session with me. I can help you understand how life-coaching and changing your thinking about time management can transform your life.

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