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Am I Good Enough?

This morning I was being coached by my coach and friend Loralee. Have I ever told you that everyone, and I mean everyone could use a life coach? Because life is complex, it always helps to have another perspective! I was working through the same issues that I have battled for 46 years. I have questioned my worth and whether I was good enough all my life. During our coaching session, my mind was blown! I realized that so much of what I do and who I am, have been based upon the belief that I wasn't good enough. And then as I have gone through life, I have found lots of evidence to support that belief. But we know that a belief is only a bunch of thoughts that we have chosen to believe over and over again. Those thoughts become a belief. And those beliefs drive our lives. The belief that "I'm not good enough" has sprung up in every relationship, in my goals and dreams, in my hopes, and in how I look at the world. When I think that thought, it creates sadness in me. And when I am sad, I don't show up how I want to. In some ways I have hidden behind that belief. So when the huge "Aha" came this morning and I realized that I had been believing this all my life, and more importantly that I have the power to change that thought, it blew my mind! Wait... What? I don't have to believe that anymore? What would life be like if I dropped that belief?

So Loralee helped me find a new thought this morning. "I am learning to love me and love who I am." But did I believe it? So we started making a list. And when I hung up with her, I listed more reasons why I love me and love who I am. The only requirement of this list was that I could only reach within myself for those answers. I couldn't find any reasons externally. That included what I can do physically or what others think of me. Just because I'm a title, like "mother of 5" doesn't mean that is who I am. It's more of what I do. We will never find love for ourselves when we look to outside sources and try to prove our worth. Because doing that we can always find ways in which we fall short. I listed a whole page of thoughts about myself! And I didn't even feel braggy in doing so, because it was who I felt I am inside. Nothing was found from without, only within. And you know what? When I finally did that? I just sat and cried. For the first time in my life, I acknowledged who I truly am! And who I truly am, is totally 100% worthy and enough. It felt like a warm sunshine enveloped my soul and I found peace.

If you struggle with feeling good enough and finding good things about yourself, contact me at and sign up for a free no obligation mini-session. We can talk about it! And find out the power of a thought my friends!!

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