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A Letter From the Future

What if you could write a letter from the future? From yourself in 30 years, telling your current self a few things.... wouldn't that be awesome? Let's suppose that this future self is where you want to be 30 years from now. What words of advice would he/she give you? What would he/she tell you to do? Is there things he/she would tell you that you need to change or stop? Now think about where you are now, and if you wrote back to your 12 year old self, what would you tell him/her about where you are now?

It's kind of fun to think what advice you might give to yourself. The interesting thing is that I am now here where I used to dream of. I had so many dreams and idea's for my future, and I so hoped it would happen. And now as I look back, I have most of what I hoped for. Isn't that interesting? Is it just luck, or is it because my focus and thoughts were on those dreams and achieving them back then, and so I did the things to create the life I have now? I think so....

We create the life we want, by the thoughts we have right now. Those thoughts create feelings that drive us to the actions we take that create the life results we want.

Here's how I know. About 5 years ago, I found life-coaching. At the time I didn't really dream of being a life coach, but I knew that some of the principles helped me. I could see that my children were leaving with only 2 still at home, and I started to dream of a career I wanted to have now that my kids were finding their own lives. I looked, researched, prayed for direction, worked, read, listened to advice from others, and much more. My thoughts were focused on finding a career where I could help people. Those thoughts drove an excitement and curiosity in me to keep looking for a career that I would love. And those feelings drove actions that I took to find a career. And after some time, excitement, work, and effort, I decided that Life Coaching would be career that would help me reach the dreams I have of helping Young Adults. I can see now 10-15 years ago, how my life was showing me the way as I worked with young adults and LOVED it! So once I decided on it, then I had to create new thoughts like, "I'm going to be an amazing Life Coach who helps thousands of people." That created determination, which drove me to do well in school, and eventually graduate from The Life Coach School. And now I am living my dream of helping young adults. It all started with a thought! And now I am living the result. See how that works?

If you want to learn more about how to create your life and your dreams, or you just want to make decisions that will lead you to your dreams, I can help! If you want a free consult session, with no obligations period, then go to and sign up for a free mini-session. That's how easy it is. And in the meantime, write a letter to yourself from your future-self. It might change your future!

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